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Fertilization Weed Control Program

3-5 applications per season

Service Descriptions and time lines guide:

Lawn #1. Green Up and Soil health application applied early spring as soon as the frost is out of the ground and daytime temperatures stay above 50 degrees.

Lawn #2. Pre-Emergent weed control and nutrient booster generally applied 2-3 weeks after first application.

Lawn #3. Weed and Feed applied in early summer to take out common/stubborn lawn weeds that germinate later in the season while at the same time adding necessary micronutrients to the soil for those hot summer days ahead.

Lawn #4. Weed and Feed Applied late summer to take out the remaining warm season weeds and reoccurring dandelion pests.

Lawn #5. Late fall Soil Builder application this is an entirely organic application designed to rebuild the soil and invigorate lawn health late in the season, the humic and fulvic acid that we apply at this time allows for substantial gains in water use/efficiency going into the winter months and help your lawn “pop” in the early spring without the huge nitrogen inputs much of our completion uses.

We recommend that our new customers start with a full 5 step lawn program. 

Lawn insecticide program

1-3 applications per season

Service Descriptions and time lines guide:

1. Liquid application applied to the lawn in the early summer targeting specific pests in Idaho our most prolific lawn pest is Bill Bug. We want to hit these guys early in their lifecycle as often times when the problem is seen in the lawn the insects are already done causing damage for the current season. Breaking the life cycle is important with any insect pest control program.

2. Diagnosed problem insect control mid-summer (June)

3. Diagnosed problem insect control late summer (July/August)

Please note: We do not apply insecticides as part of our standard lawn program as they are often not needed if your lawn is healthy and well maintained. Living Earth, LLC prefers to diagnose insect issues as the season develops and as a way to save our clients’ money.