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Pine/Spruce Needle Scale and Cast

1-2 Applications

#1. Starting in early June

#2. Second treatment starting in early July  

This is a fungicide application applied to the foliar parts of the tree to keep the new “candles” green and growing.  It aids the tree by keeping the seasons new growth from becoming brown, stunted, and damaged. We often tank mix the Scale application and Cast application and apply it during the same timeline.

White Pine Weevil

3 Applications

 White Pine Weevil #1. First application should go as early in the spring season as the weather will allow typically in April 

White Pine Weevil #2. Second application should be applied 2-3 weeks post the initial treatment 

White Pine Weevil #3. A third treatment is recommended if the problem is persistent or if recruitment of the pest is evident form adjacent “untreated” trees.  This treatment is often less effective but can be valuable defense if you have neighboring insects that want to visit your trees. 

This treatment is for spruce trees in particular that have reoccurring or new infestations of the insect.

Insecticidal Soap

Aphid Treatment

We use our organic insecticidal soap, and can treat many different plants to aid in aphid removal. 

Spruce Gall

Applied between April-May

This treatment should be applied as early in the spring as we can go typically that means we are applying in the month of April-May! 

Have you ever wondered what makes those odd looking lumps or pillows on your tree branches? Its caused by stem boring insects and the trees natural defenses.  Treating for Gall can help keep your tree healthy and aid in avoiding those awkward looking goiters that can sometimes show up. 

Black Spot Fungicide

1-2 Applications

Black Spot Fungicide #1. As early in the spring as we can possibly go this typically mean sometime in May 

Black Spot Fungicide #2. Second treatment 2-3 weeks post first application 

Bore injections

1-2 Applications

Bore Injections #1. Deciduous Trees in early spring typically in late February early March 

Bore Injections #2. Coniferous Trees in Late Summer or Early Fall typically starting applications in mid-October 

This is a systemic injection to the growing tissue of the trees trunk and can be an effective means of long term control of many boring insects as well as several insects that damage the foliage of your trees like aphids